Heinz Leinfellner

Steinbrück, Styria 1911 - 1974 Vienna

Leinfellner studied in the ceramics class under Adametz in Graz and sculpture under Hanak in Vienna. After 1945, he met Fritz Wotruba, whose assistant and co-worker Leinfellner became. Similar to Wotruba’s work, cubist elements were incorporated into the figural image. Like Wotruba, Leinfellner did not just imitate the already existing paradigm, but searched for a redefinition of sculptural practice based on the energetic post-war mentality. A work created in 1946 is called “Bombenruinentorso” (“bomb ruin torso”). Later, Leinfellner’s sculptural innovation developed into figures of gracious women and musicians in elegant and at the same time sovereign and mighty poses.
A great number of Leinfellner’s commissional works can be found in public places. In 1972, he was appointed professor at the Academy of Applied Arts in Vienna.