Ernst Huber

Wien 1895 - 1960 Wien

Ernst Huber was born in 1895 in Vienna. He acquired a solid education in graphic art as a typesetter at the Genossenschafts-Buchdruckerei (Cooperative Book Printers) under the direction of Otto Prutscher. This connection to the profession of graphic artists, together with their painterly quality, gave his pictures an individuality that met with success from the beginning. Thus, Ernst Huber already received an invitation from Josef Hoffmann to contribute to the 1920 Kunstschau – upon the recommendation of the sculptor Gustinus Ambrosi – immediately after participation in his first exhibition in 1919. The prestige of exhibiting alongside such established painters as Herbert Boeckl, Anton Faistauer, Oskar Kokoschka, Anton Kolig and Franz Wiegele was
always a feature of Huber’s career.
Austrian landscapes from Lower and Upper Austria and the Salzkammergut are preferred motifs in his œuvre. Alongside these, as a passionate traveler Ernst Huber recorded his impressions of foreign countries including the whole of Europe, North Africa, South America and the USA, in his pictures. In the middle of the ’thirties Ernst Huber began to concentrate more and more on watercolours, as this medium allowed him to capture travel impressions quicker and more spontaneously in pictorial form. Ernst Huber died in 1960.