Georg Mayer-Márton

Györ 1897 - 1960 Liverpool

Mayer-Márton was born in Györ, Hungary in 1897. Initially, he studied at the Vienna Academy under Josef Jungwirth and subsequently in Munich under Carl von Marr. Moreover, he received an education from Max Dvorak and Franz Cizek. In 1921, he married Grete Freund and both returned to Vienna in 1924, where he became a member of the "Hagenbund". During his years in Vienna, the artist was featured in numerous exhibitions organized by the "Hagenbund" and the Neue Galerie. In 1938, he emigrated to London, where, besides of his creative work, he was employed as teacher and lecturer. As of 1952, he worked as a professor at the College of Art. In 1940, his atelier and most of his works were destroyed in a bombing. In his later oeuvre, he repeated many motives of the destroyed paintings and preferably depicted vivid landscapes of England’s north. Mayer-Márton’s pictorial language shows expressive, cubist and futuristic elements. The artist died in Liverpool in 1960.