Robert Klemmer

Rappoltenschlag, Lower Austria 1938 - 1971 Vienna

Robert Klemmer was born in Rappoltschlag, Lower-Austria, in 1938. He was active in the Viennese actionism, but was also influenced by pop art. In his works, Klemmer grappled with his own body, but moreover with himself as a person and his perception of himself. He created multiple dopplegängers of himself in a realism that wasn’t likely for the time. He displayed every angle of himself with no concrete surroundings. A friend of the artist explained, that he enjoyed inserting himself into every painting he created. During Klemmer’s funeral, the same friend, who was a film-maker, shot a movie called “25/71 Klemmer und Klemmer verlassen die Welt” and threw the roll of film into his grave.