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Şinasi Bozatli moves to Vienna in 1986 and makes it his home. In 1992, he enrols at the Vienna University of Applied Arts for further studies in painting and the graphic arts with Prof. Oswald Oberhuber, which he successfully completes in 1996.

In 2009, Bozatli’s starts the series “(e)motions”. In this phase, he tends once more towards a bonding of the elements. This imagery consists of wide spreading, richly contrasting spots of colour or impressionistic worlds that he challenges to be fathomed. The chains and rings are straightened in part and depicted as a kind of textile weave.

The series “Mozart Vibrations” produced in 2018/19 shows the artist surrendering totally to the guiding force of music, and he paints inspired by the sounds of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Thick swaths of colour, but also elegantly composed sprays of paint coupled with dynamic forms mark this scintillating cycle.

Inspired by the New York skyline and its reflection in the Hudson River, his paintings are given a new shape. The colored beams turn into skyscrapers in diffuse light or flank a sunrise or sunset. Often the artist intentionally sets a “flatline” in the middle of the painting ground, whereupon he lets the geometric shapes grow mirror-like up and down. He strives for a lightness, indeed infinity, which he obtains both in the duality and in the outbound colors of his formations. Through titling, the artist also creates a bridge of perception to the images and brings us closer to the hidden. The viewer recognizes a ship at sea, the seabed, a harbor, pier piles in the water or water reflections as well as outlines of Venice, New York and Istanbul. They are dramatic scenes or meditative quiet poles. Again, Bozatli shows an interplay of feelings between narrowness and breadth, birth and death. In this way, the trigger of an impulsive emotion in its dramatic expressiveness is transformed into a painterly parable.

Bozatli’s paintings are in private collections, foundations and collections in Europe, Japan and the USA. Furthermore, works can be found at the Austrian National Bank, the Landesmuseum Burgenland, the Landesmuseum of Lower Austria, the Federal Chancellery and the Museum of the City of Vienna.

Şinasi Bozatli lives and works in Vienna, Istanbul and Long Island.