Bread Basket

Josef Hoffmann

1870 Pirnitz, Moravia 1870 - 1956 1956 Vienna

Bread Basket

Manufactured by the Wiener Werkstätte, model number S 4455

Silver, chased and hammered

H 10.5 cm, D 28.8 cm

Marks: WIENER/ WERK/ STÄTTE, monogram JH, WW, rose signet, head of a hoopoe, 900

According to the MAK, three pieces were manufactured in 1919 and one piece was manufactured in 1920.


cf. WW Archive, MAK Vienna, design sketch KI 12004-18, calculation book WWMB 20-S-4455, Photo Archive WWF 96-199-4 and WWF 116-25-2