"Golden Agartha Lian"

Thierry Feuz

1968 Vienna

"Golden Agartha Lian"

Lacquer on canvas

200 x 130 cm

Thierry Feuz was born in Vienna in 1968. He received his artistic education at the École Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Geneva and at the Berlin University of Arts. Worlds unfold when we consider the paintings of Thierry Feuz. Whether flower-like formations in an explosion-like rush of colour or abstractions with a biomorphic spread of forms – the eye and one’s sensibilities search and find new impressions continuously. His pictures can be seen as microcosms with the tiniest living creatures, to an extent as the origin of life, or as universes with infinite galaxies, pulsating stars and asteroids passing by. In this, ambivalence is always present, for contained in the splendid pictures are inexhaustible themes such as beauty and death, or becoming and decaying. Technically
the pictures are a great challenge for the artist. They have to be painted lying down, meaning in the horizontal position. Paints are deliberately applied on a liquid coat of paint and an extended array of tools are employed for this – alongside brushes and spatulas, sticks, spray cans and air nozzles. There is no chance of making corrections with this
procedure: what has been painted is meant for eternity. Thierry Feuz regularly exhibits in European and international galleries, in the Samuel Freeman Gallery in Santa Monica, for example, the Etienne Gallery in the Netherlands or the Kashya Hildebrand Gallery in New York. The artist lives and works in Geneva and Vienna.