Carry Hauser

Vienna 1895 - 1985 Vienna

Painter, graphic and theatre set designer Carry Hauser was born in Vienna in 1895. In 1911, he graduated from a one-year college at the Imperial and Royal Education and Research Institute for Graphics in Vienna and subsequently attended the Vienna School of Arts and Crafts for three years. After World War I, during which he served as an officer, he was employed at Passau for a period of time. The first collective exhibition of his works took place at the Museum in Troppau in 1918. From 1939 to 1947, he lived as a political emigrant in Switzerland. He then moved back to Vienna. In his graphical work, a certain connection to George Grosz can be seen, and in his paintings a connection to Otto Dix. In the late 1920s, Carry Hauser found a style, in which new-objective and expressionist elements are balanced. He was a founding member of the Vienna artist’s group called “Freie Bewegung” and of the German artist’s society “Der Fels”. From 1925 to 1938, he was a member of the “Hagenbund” and was their president in 1928. Carry Hausers works are on display at the most significant museums of Austria, such as the Albertina, the Belvedere and the Wien Museum.