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Galerie bei der Albertina ▪ Zetter – Your gallery in 1010 Vienna for 20th and 21st century painting

Painting of the 20th and 21st century fascinates again and again

Generally, the sheer variety of techniques, media and styles is so breath-taking, that the subject of painting is almost inexhaustible. Thus, galleries have to determine a focus – although it is not an easy task. The Galerie bei der Albertina ▪ Zetter chose to emphasize Austrian painting of the 20th and 21st century with a few exceptions of extraordinary, foreign artists.

One does not have to be an art expert to associate Vienna with immortal names such as Egon Schiele, Gustav Klimt or Friedensreich Hundertwasser. These and many others are inseparably connected to Vienna and its (art-) history. We are proud to present to you a fine choice of artworks from the Viennese Secessionist period, classical modernism and contemporary art in our showrooms extended over 400 m².

Apart from important works by Gustav Klimt, Oskar Kokoschka, Koloman Moser, Egon Schiele or Carl Moll we also offer works by painters such as Oskar Laske, Ludwig Heinrich Jungnickel, Artur Nikodem, Alfons Walde or Wilhelm Nicolaus Prachensky. What seems like a who-is-who of Austrian art continues with post-war painters like Kiki Kogelnik, Markus Prachensky, Max Weiler, Maria Lassnig, Gunter Damisch or Alfred Klinkan. Thierry Feuz, Thomas Reinhold, Hubert Schmalix, and Sinasi Bozatli belong to the very small group of contemporary artists found in our program. Complementing this broad spectrum of Austrian artists are very few non-Austrian painters of international acclaim such as Emil Nolde or Sam Francis.

With this exceptional gamut of paintings, drawings and prints of distinguished artists of the 20th and 21st century we hope to allow for a complex reception of Austrian painting from art nouveau to contemporary art.

Painting in extraordinary variety

We offer Austrian paintings from the 20th and 21st century in all their remarkable diversity and inventiveness. The means of expression of the different painters are so numerous that next to oil paintings and original drawings on paper we offer art prints like silkscreens, linocuts, lithographs, woodcuts and precious cut-paper prints. We invite visitors to the Galerie bei der Albertina ▪ Zetter in 1010 Vienna to experience the work of various artists with different styles in all their richness of idiosyncratic modes of expression in the context of their artistic roots.

Vienna and Art Nouveau belong together

Viennese Art Nouveau, also known as Secession style, has produced particularly renowned artworks which have influenced art and artists far beyond their original epoch. However, what we appreciate as timelessly beautiful today meant a radical break with tradition and the move towards a new understanding of art at the beginning of the 20th century.

Austrian Art Nouveau is unimaginable without Gustav Klimt, one of the most important pioneers of the idea of combining art and profane everyday life. He thus reacted to a Zeitgeist quite similar to today’s. Whereas we live in times where digitalization is penetrating every aspect of human life, around 1900 it was the industrialization and the technological progress noticeable everywhere.

Mass products were entering people’s lives on a scale never seen before and many artists perceived these goods as soulless, without any aesthetic properties. Consequently, they girded themselves for the battle to bring beauty back into people’s quotidian life. Some of the finest examples of how this battle was fought are presented in the Galerie bei der Albertina ▪ Zetter in the form of glass and silverware, ceramics, furniture and many other design objects. For any questions concerning the acquisition or sale of art nouveau works, please contact us by phone (+43-1-513 14 16) or by e-mail ( We are looking forward to hearing from you!