1. Peter Weihs - Boundless 15 May till 13 July MORE
  2. Norbertine von Bresslern - Roth 11 March till 27 April 2024 MORE
  3. Spring Novelties 2024 11 March till 27 April 2024 MORE

Austrian Classic and Contemporary Art Exhibitions in Vienna’s Historic City Center

As experts with year-long professional experience and art historical expertise we do our best to design comprehensive exhibitions that allow for Austrian art of the 20th and 21st century to be experienced both in its original context and from a contemporary perspective. Therefore, we regularly organize solo exhibitions as well as themed exhibitions in order to appropriately appreciate extraordinary artists.

Since 1900, Austria has produced so many talents, stylistic movements and artistic techniques that we are constantly doing our best to integrate this richness and versatility into an overall context. Every artist is a child of his time and a comprehensively conceived exhibition not only recognizes the oeuvre per se but also the influences and impulses that led to the creation of the work. This way, we hope, Austrian art can be perceived as a holistic experience bridging art history and contemporary vistas.

Solo exhibitions, themed exhibitions and overview exhibitions

As experienced gallerists we have a lot of different ways to plan and realize exhibitions. Each artist places certain foci in his work and concentrates on different themes, techniques and styles. New experiences, impulses and inspirations emerge and for many artists the contact with others brings about new and exciting symbioses that can lead to completely new stylistic directions. Notwithstanding all external influences, a great artist always keeps his idiosyncrasies that make him and his work clearly distinctive.

One of the most important goals of an exhibition is to show the developments and the consequences of artistic creation. In this sense, we carefully adapt each and every exhibition to the artist’s message and his oeuvre. Sometimes a solo show is appropriate because it allows investigating a certain period in the artist’s life like a magnifying glass. Themed exhibitions are well suited to give visitors an overview of the ways in which a certain theme inspired different artists. Our overview exhibitions, which regularly take place in spring and autumn, highlight our newly acquired paintings, sculptures and design objects from the long 20th century.

Publications accompanying our exhibitions in Vienna’s art quarter

Of course, a thoroughly researched and high-quality catalogue accompanies every exhibition shown in the Galerie bei der Albertina ▪ Zetter. Ideally, an exhibition catalogue provides not only pictures of the artworks on offer but also relevant contextual information about the artist and the genesis of the work. This way, we hope to provide a holistic approach that readers can enjoy.

Please find more information on our past and future exhibitions of Austrian art on our website. Discover solo exhibitions dedicated to outstanding artists like Kiki Kogelnik, Joannis Avramidis, Gunter Damisch, Alfons Walde and many others. Browse through the extensive catalogues published, for example, in course of the themed exhibitions »Woodcut. Vienna from 1900 onward« or »Wiener Wohnkultur 1900 bis 1930«. The publications accompanying our regular overview exhibitions called Spring Novelties and Autumn Novelties respectively, offer good insight into styles and directions of Austrian art. Do you have any aquestions regarding our exhibitions?
Don’t hesitate to call us, we are happy to help you!


  1. Smart Art - Art under 15.000 15 January till 24 February 2024 MORE
  2. Christian Ludwig Attersee - Awaiting the Full Moon EXTENDED UNTIL 25. NOVEMBER 2023! MORE
  3. 50th Anniversary Exhibition 8 September till 7 October 2023 MORE
  4. Adolf Loos 28 April till 1 July 2023 MORE
  5. Spring Novelties 2023 13 March till 15 April 2023 MORE
  6. Wander Bertoni - Music & Heads 13 March till 15 April 2023

    In cooperation with
    Galerie artziwna

  7. Hubert Schmalix - Walking 14 October till 19 November 2022

    In cooperation with
    Smolka Contemporary

  8. Autumn Novelties 2022 12 September till 8 October 2022 MORE
  9. Joannis Avramidis - Paintings & Sculptures 20 May till 2 July 2022 MORE
  10. Josef Hoffmann & Hans Ofner 14 March till 7 May 2022 MORE
  11. Michael Powolny & Berthold Löffler 14 March till 7 May 2022 MORE
  12. Spring Novelties 2022 14 March till 7 May 2022 MORE
  13. Thierry Feuz - Sehnsuchtsorte Extended until 2 March 2022! MORE
  14. Cornelius Kolig - Verweilen statt Verreisen 20 October till 20 November MORE
  15. Josef Pillhofer 11 September till 13 October MORE
  16. Autumn Novelties 2021 11 September till 13 October MORE
  17. Lotte Berger Extended until 19 June 2021 MORE
  18. L. H. Jungnickel 1 March till 10 April 2021 MORE
  19. Spring Novelties 2021 1 March till 3 April 2021 MORE
  20. I wish for art! Christmas Sales Exhibition Classic MORE
  21. I wish for art! Christmas Sales Exhibition Modern MORE
  22. Şinasi Bozatli 4th till 27th of November 2020 MORE
  23. Valentin Oman - Ecce Homo 14th of September till 10th of October MORE
  24. Autumn Novelties 2020 14th of September till 10th of October MORE
  25. Alfred Klinkan - Bilder aller ART EXTENDED till 16th of May 2020! MORE
  26. Spring Novelties 2020 9th of March till 11th of April 2020 MORE
  27. Viennese Interiors 16th of January till 29th of February MORE