Alfons Walde

Oberndorf 1891 - 1958 Kitzbühel


Gouache and chalk on paper

62.5 x 44.5 cm

This work is registered with the Alfons Walde works archives, number D-GW-01.


Estate of Alfons Walde
Private collection, Athens

The female nude was a central theme for Alfons Walde and represents an important part of his oeuvre. However, the richness of this subject area can only be grasped in retrospect. During his lifetime, Walde's nude drawings caused offence and were partly rejected by critics - for this reason they were rarely presented to public. The private Walde expresses himself in his nudes; precisely because of their intimate character, these subjects are among his most free creations, in which Alfons Walde was able to act independently of sales pressures. One senses the lust and love and the inner commitment that animated him to create these erotic yet elegant nudes. In the work we are showing, Walde placed the nude shining in the light in a niche and framed it with curtains.
He accentuated the nude with a strongly contrasting colour scheme of blue and orange, the cloudy brushstroke bringing movement to the coloured areas. Due to the imposing colourfulness, the rare, large format and the expressiveness, nudes such as this are among Alfons Walde's most sought-after works alongside his winter landscapes.