Seated Woman from the Front

Gustav Klimt

Vienna 1862 - 1918 Vienna

Seated Woman from the Front

Study for the painting "Bildnis Amalie Zuckerkandl" (1917/18, unfinished)

Pencil on paper

56.7 x 37 cm

Strobl WV no 2490


Rudolf Zimpel, great-nephew of Gustav Klimt
Collection Christian M. Nebehay, Vienna


Alice Strobl, Gustav Klimt. Die Zeichnungen. Vol. III: Die Zeichnungen 1912–1918, Salzburg 1984, ill. p. 89, WV no 2490

This drawing by Klimt belongs to the first group of his studies for the painting of “Amalie Zuckerkandl”. Klimt fused her figure and the seating arrangement together and positioned the protagonist frontally to the viewer. The light evening gown covers the figure with its fur-caped sleeves in a spatially articulate manner. As a decisive step towards a portrait of Amalie Zuckerkandl that was to remain unfinished, she is already shown in this drawing with a hint of bare shoulders, a detail that was later to be impressively implemented in the painting.