Annemarie Avramidis

Wien 1939 - 2013 Wien

Annemarie Avramidis, née Persche, was born in 1939 in Vienna. After attending in 1957 the Summer Academy class of Oskar Kokoschka in Salzburg, she began in 1958 to study under Fritz Wotruba at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna where she also attended the Evening Nude drawing class of Herbert Boeckl. In 1963 she married Joannis Avramidis, a fellow student.
In the course of her studies of sculptures by Maillol, Lehmbruck and Brancusi as well as of archaic kouroi and the kori of Greece that she had seen as originals on study trips, Annemarie Avramidis developed in over four decades an œuvre of marked consistency and classical aesthetics. The motif of the human body takes centre stage in her artistic work.
The sculptress has been working mostly with stone, preferring the fine crystalline marble from Carrara or Greece. “Thanks to her skilled treatment of stone her torsi, groups and heads retain a delicate, almost Grecian verisimilitude and with it the luck of an astonishing grace that touches us even today” (Christa Lichtenstern, Annemarie Avramidis, Munich 2005, cover).