Otto Rudolf Schatz

Wien 1900 - 1961 Wien

Otto Rudolf Schatz was born on 18 January 1900 in Vienna. From a petit bourgeois background, he studied from 1918 until 1920 at the School for Applied Arts under Oskar Strnad and Anton von Kenner. In 1923 he was discovered by Otto Kallir-Nirenstein, who often exhibited his works alongside those of other members of the Hagenbund. Socialism and the Labor Movement influenced the later works of this politically active artist. In the middle of the ’twenties he developed his initial expressionism in the direction of New Objectivity or Neue Sachlichkeit. In 1925 his works were exhibited in the
VI Art Show at the Künstlerhaus in Vienna. In the same year Otto Rudolf Schatz was awarded the Great State Prize. He was also a member of the Hagenbund from 1928 until 1938. He spent the period between 1938 and 1945 abroad (Italy, the Balkans, Asia, USA, France, England, Switzerland and the former Czechoslovakia). From 1946 he was once more artistically active in Vienna. Otto Rudolf Schatz died on 27 April 1961 in Vienna.