Marie Kirschner

Prague 1852 - 1931 Kosátky

The Kirschner family lived at Gut Lochkow near Prague, which Marie’s Jewish father bought after the abolition of the law forcing Jews to live in ghettos. 1870/ 71 she studied in Munich with Adolph Lier and then continued her studies in Paris with teachers like Jules Duprés and Alfred Stevens. First being drawn to painting, Kirschner soon became interested in applied arts, particularly in working with glass.
Marie Kirschner came to some renown by furnishing the homes of wealthy industrialists such as Rath, Siemens, Lipperheide and Stollwerck. In 1904, she was awarded the silver medal at the world exhibition in St. Louis for the conceptual design of an entire room. However, she is best known today for her glass designs, mostly produced by Lötz Witwe Klostermühle, that became a hallmark of European art nouveau.