Carl Krenek

Vienna 1880 - 1948 Vienna

The painter and graphic artist Carl Krenek was born in Vienna in 1880. After graduating from the school for textile industry, which he attended from 1896 until 1898, he studied at the School for Arts and Crafts in Vienna under teachers such as Schulmeister, Roller, Myrbach, Moser and Czeschka until 1906. Krenek undertook several study trips to Germany and Paris and graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna under H. Lefler in 1907/08. From 1909 onwards, he participated in numerous important exhibitions such as the Kunstschau in 1909 and the international hunting exhibition a year later. His markedly illustrative talent and versatility was formally in line with the Lefler-Moser-school: Krenek mastered techniques like tempera, lithography, algraphy and woodcut and executed textile designs, posters, postcards, book décor, designs for glass windows and much more. He was a member of the Österreichischer Werkbund and is best known for creating small Viennese and Wachau landscapes, fairy tale illustrations, posters and postcards for the Wiener Werkstätte.