Alfred Czerny

Vienna 1934 - 2013 Vienna

Alfred Czerny was born in Vienna on March 26th, 1934. After main school, Czerny went to the technological museum of industry where he graduated in 1954. In 1954, Czerny passed the admission exam at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and started his studies with Prof. Hans Andre as his teacher. After two semesters, he changed to the sculpture class of Prof. Fritz Wotruba. In 1957, he received the master school’s prize. In 1959, he issued an exhibition called „The young generation“ („Die junge Generation”) in the Viennese Secession together with his fellow students Andreas Urteil, Roland Göschl and Erwin Reiter. In the same year, the first big exhibition of his works took place in the Viennese Künstlerhaus. By moving to St. Margarethen, Czerny fulfilled his long-kept wish of buying a horse. The motif of the horse was thus brought into his creative works. In St. Margarethen, Czerny became one of the founding members of the well-known sculptors’ symposium. In 1961, Czerny was honoured with the Kulturfonds’ prize of the Central Savings Bank and the sponsorship prize of the City of Vienna. Between 1962 and 1974, Czerny moved again, mainly within Lower Austria and devoted himself to working mainly with horses. In 1986, the artist took part in the exhibition “The Wotruba School” in Burgenland. In the years of 1989 to 1993 exhibitions in Eva Maria Hinteregger’s ceramics gallery in St. Pölten followed. In 1993, Czerny moved to Vienna because of health reasons. Other exhibitions, for example at the Süd-Ost Treuhand AG in the Wenkheim palace keep Czernys works ever-present. In 2004, he was honoured with the first-class Austrian Decoration for Science and Art. Alfred Czerny died in Vienna in 2013.