Desk, design 1902 and Armchair, design 1901

Koloman Moser

Wien 1868 - 1918 Wien

Desk, design 1902 and Armchair, design 1901

Manufactured by Jacob & Josef Kohn, Vienna, no 3134 (desk) and no 413/F (armchair)

Beech, stained mahogany and polished, brass fittings, faceted glass, renewed writing inlay with green leather (desk), new leather upholstery, brass caps and brass support discs (armchair)

H 104 cm, W 112.5 cm, D 56.5 cm (desk)
H 96 cm, SH 44 cm, W 55.5 cm, D 49.5 cm (armchair)

Professionally polished


This desk model was first presented at the Exhibition of Decorative Arts in Turin in May 1902. In 1904 it was shown in Saint Louis and in 1906 in London.


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