Kaiser Mountains

Alfons Walde

Oberndorf 1891 - 1958 Kitzbühel

Kaiser Mountains

Oil and tempera on cardboard

45.5 x 56.5 cm

Signed lower left: A. Walde
On the reverse three labels: 34; ALFONS WALDE Kitzbühel / Tirol No:, Titel: Kaisergebirge, Preis:; ALFONS WALDE Kitzbühel Tirol Austria, Titel des Bildes: "Kaisergebirge", anno: 1925

This painting is registered in the Alfons Walde Archive, number D-LA-308.


acquired directly in the Walde family in the 1960s
private collection, Tyrol

In this picture, Alfons Walde presents a classic view of deeply snowed-in mountain farms, with the impressive massif of the Wilde Kaiser mountain in the background. The houses in the foreground lie in shadow while the winter sun warms the summits of the mountain range, almost making them step out the painting. Alfons Walde creates a harmonious composition here, reflecting the majesty of the mountainous world by means of simple fields of colour folded into the surface in carefully graduated hues of brown, blue, grey and ochre. The soft modelling of the snow and fascinating luminosity are what distinguish this painting.
Walde’s work presented to us is evidence of a masterfully conceived contrast between light and shadow – a picture of winter that impresses through the characteristic, richly contrasting and sculptural modelling of the snow and its radiant power. Typical, too, are the red splotch of paint on the house and the Tyrolean woman clad in a red coat, who seems to be strolling out of the picture. The balance in colour results in a sense of peace and calm typical of winter, lending the picture an almost meditative character.