Lotte Berger

Vienna 1938

Lotte Berger-Maringer was born in Vienna in 1938. From 1957 to 1963 she studied painting under Robert Obsieger and graphic arts under Hilda Schmied-Jesser at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. In 1964, she began to teach nudes drawing classes, free design and colour theory at the Academy of Istanbul.
Since 1968, Lotte Berger-Maringer has been a freelancing artist in Vienna. From 1972 to 2000 she also taught art at the secondary school in the second district of Vienna.
Lotte Berger-Maringers medium is watercolour. For her, this is the most spontaneous and earnest form of presentation, which is also able to display emotions most intuitively. Impressions, which the artist collected in Austria and various visits to Turkey, Mexico, Guatemala, Tunesia, the Carribean, Florida or Costa Rica, are registered in delicately chosen colours. Her distinct interest in human individuals, as well as flora and fauna, leads to the main themes of human being, animals and plants. They determine her entire work. Within this, the artist shifts with easiness between abstraction and objectivity. However, a connectedness to nature always prevails.