Love Round

Alfons Walde

Oberndorf 1891 - 1958 Kitzbühel

Love Round

Mixed media on paper on canvas

35 x 42 cm

Stamped and signed by the artist´s daughter on the reverse: AUS DEM NACHLASS VON / PROF. A. WALDE, KITZBÜHEL / Guta E. Berger / geb. Walde

In addition to his depictions of landscapes and rural life, Alfons Walde, a freethinker and admirer of Egon Schiele, was also interested in nude painting throughout his life. He created a rich erotic oeuvre with numerous nudes that convey immediacy and sometimes seem like fleeting snapshots. Walde plays with accessories such as boots or high-heeled shoes, thereby providing an imaginative view of the naked female body.
The painting "Liebesreigen" shows four women and a man who have come together to dance the dance of lovers. A highly erotic moment is depicted, with the focus on the movement and the tension between man and woman. The artist's erotic work is often a reminiscence of nature, as in this work. The play with accessories that set colourful accents should be emphasised - Schiele also used numerous accessories in his nudes. In Waldes Liebesreigen it is blue stockings, a blue jacket or red sandals. The artist's nudes are characterised by the arousal of male desires, just as the Liebesreigen is able to do.