Church in Schenna South Tyrol

Egon Hofmann

Linz 1884 - 1972 Linz

Church in Schenna South Tyrol

Oil on canvas

60 x 70.5 cm

Signed and dated lower left: Egon Hofmann-Linz 12
Signed, inscribed with adress of the artist and titled on the reverse:
Egon Hofmann-Linz / Dresden, Cirkusstr. 45 III / Die Kirche von Schenna.
Label of the art gallery Pietro del Vecchio, Leipzig / No 5357 and further label W.K.V. 218

Hofmann’s paintings show a stylistic continuity that finds its place in the beginning of modern painting in Upper Austria. After completing his studies, Hofmann returned to his home town of Linz. It is rare to find a work by the artist that he did not sign "Egon Hofmann-Linz". In this work, Hofmann's pictorial language is very formal, with a concentrated pictorial structure dominating the composition. We see a lush meadow of flowers in front of a tranquil village church surrounded by mountains. An ascending diagonal runs from left to right, culminating in the church towering above the silhouette of the Alpine peaks in the background, blending into the group of mountain peaks. The absence of any figures gives the picture a calm and idyllic atmosphere. Although Egon Hofmann attached great importance to a formal language, his natural landscapes are fleeting impressions that express a certain informality through their natural colors. It was no coincidence that the artist was given the title "Master of Firn". His works often focus on the alpine landscape. As the son of a wealthy industrialist family, he traveled extensively, was able to pursue his passion for mountaineering throughout Europe and made the impressions he gathered the central theme in his landscape paintings. As a co-founder of the artists' associations "Der Ring" and "MAERZ" and through his role as a link between industry and art, he succeeded in realizing many projects.