Dagobert Peche

St. Michael im Lungau, Salzburg 1887 - 1923 Mödling bei Wien

Dagobert Peche was born in St. Michael im Lungau in Salzburg in 1887. He began his studies at the Technical University in
Vienna, though soon changed to the Academy of Fine Arts, which he attended until 1911. Josef Hoffmann hired him as a
designer for the Wiener Werkstätte in 1914. Peche shaped the second decade of the Wiener Werkstätte with his ideas and their
realisation. In his artworks full of subtlety and fantasy, ornamentation plays a leading role. In 1917 he was appointed head of the
newly founded Wiener Werkstätte branch in Zurich. Before Dagobert Peche died in April 1923 at the age of just 36, the artist and
the Wiener Werkstätte experienced once again a dazzling highpoint, the opening of the showrooms of the ‘Wiener Werkstaette
of America’ on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan in New York.