Thierry Feuz

1968 Vienna

Thierry Feuz, born in Vienna in 1968 and currently living in Geneva, has created an ongoing series of paintings – “Supernatural”, “Psychotropical”, “Technicolor” and “Gulfstream” – over the last five years.
He acquired his creative education at the École Supérieure des Beaux-Art in Geneva and at the University of Arts in Berlin.
When one contemplates Thierry Feuz’ Art, new and exotic worlds open up: Floral shapes in an exploding frenzy of colors or abstractions with biomorphic forms – the beholder constantly searches for and finds new impressions.
Thierry Feuz’s paintings can be viewed as a micro cosmos populated with tiny organisms, similar to the primordial soup, so to say, or as universes filled with never-ending galaxies, pulsating stars and asteroids drifting by.
Ambivalence, however, is omnipresent because the splendid paintings also depict inexhaustible themes like beauty and death or becoming and passing.
Technically, the paintings pose a great challenge for the artist because they need to be painted lying down horizontally. The paint is applied to a liquid layer of varnish while also utilizing an extended palette of tools – paintbrushes, spatulas, but also rods, spray cans and air nozzles. This process cannot be corrected at any point. What has been painted once is there to last for eternity.
Thierry Feuz exhibits in European and international galleries, for example at the Samuel Freeman Gallery in Santa Monica, the Etienne Gallery in the Netherlands or the Kashya Hildebrand Gallery in New York.