Wander Bertoni

Codisotto, Italy 1925 - Vienna 2019

Born in 1925 in Italy, the sculptor moved to Vienna as a migrant worker in 1943. Inspired by an Italian painter, Bertoni started to draw and paint in 1944. A year later, he engaged in sculptural works for the first time. In 1946, he began his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts with Fritz Wotruba as his teacher. His early works are still of an objective nature. In the 1950ies, he shifts to the abstract form. However, Bertoni has never viewed the form in the self-purpose; he rather stayed with the content, the statement of his works, which is the driving force for his creativity. In 1965, he was appointed to be the intendent of the master’s class at the University of Applied Arts. His works have been displayed in numerous exhibitions, nationally and internationally.