Pair of Vases and Lidded Box

Josef Hoffmann

1870 Pirnitz, Moravia 1870 - 1956 1956 Vienna

Pair of Vases and Lidded Box

Manufactured by the Wiener Werkstätte, model number S ga 2-3 (box) resp. S ga 2-2 (vases)


H 15.8 cm, W 11.4 cm (vases)
H 7.5 cm, W 10 cm (box)

Marks: WIENER/ WERK/ STÄTTE, monogram JH, 900, head of a hoopoe

The lidded box was manufactured only twice in 1923 and 1924.
The vases were also manufactured only twice in the year 1924. The pieces are part of a toilet set that was completed in 1926.


Barry Friedman Ltd., New York
acquired from the above by the present owner, 1989


cf. A. Koch, Deutsche Kunst und Dekoration, vol. XLI, 1917-1918, p. 144 (similar vase)
cf. WW Archive, MAK Vienna, Photo Archive WWF 115-1-4, WWKA 259, WWF 115-3-1