Greta Freist

Weikersdorf 1904 - 1993 Paris

Greta Freist emigrated to Paris in 1936 with her partner, the painter Gottfried Goebel, whom she had met while studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna under Rudolf Jettmar. She exhibited at the Parisian “d´Automne” and “Indépendants” salons. She played a leading role in the foundation of the French section of the International Art Club. Greta Freist was a member of the artists’ group “Der Kreis”.
Greta Freist’s artistic oeuvre is unbelievably varied. Magically colored realism gave later way to surrealist works until after 1950 the artist created abstract paintings (“Mur” and “Lyrique”) before turning once more to figurative work in 1968.